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Elite Local Locksmith Bolton (ELLB) provides basic safety products and services to residents in Bolton and its adjacent areas. Our services are performed by professional and experienced locksmiths. They are available all the time and can avail their services anytime at your call. The common feature in all our locksmith services is that they have only one ultimate objective and that is to improve the security situation in your home and business.
We provide expert services on commercial, residential and auto locksmith services. Elite Local Locksmith Bolton (ELLB) is a qualified and insured locksmith company. We provide high-tech gadgets that can be installed in residential and business premises. These devices provide round the clock surveillance and security for these premises. On top of the updated accessories we have, we have the expertise and knowledge of how to set up security systems. All our services are cost effective and accommodate different economic levels.

Our services provide 100 per cent customer satisfaction and which have built our reputation as a top ranking locksmith company in the region. Our locksmiths are trained on different aspects including security, metallurgy, electronic, mechanics among others. We specialize on all the locksmith niches.

Elite Local Locksmith Bolton (ELLB) offers installation, repair, upgrading of locks, installation of safes, providing emergency services for those who have problems with their locks and keys, installation of high security features in commercial and residential premises among others.

The residential locksmith service covers installation, repair, replacement and upgrading of locking systems in residential premises. We offer installation of locks in residential areas. We deal with all types of locks such as chain locks, digital locks, padlocks among others. Houses are also targets of burglary and other forms of crimes. We therefore undertake installation of certain features in residential areas that preclude such practices from happening. This includes the installation of high security gates, manual or automatic, grilles, window locks and other burglar proof materials.

Our residential locksmith also undertakes to replace door locks in residential areas especially when you just moved in to a residential area. This is an important security measure that you should undertake when in such a situation. This is done to remove the feeling that the previous tenant had access to the keys and could use it for ill ends.
Commercial locksmith service caters to business and commercial enterprises in Bolton and its environs. We have many high-tech security gadgets that we can install in your business space to enhance the security of your business and the valuables housed by the structure that is your business. We can install intercom systems, CCTV surveillance, access control systems, padlocks, digital locks, remote managed surveillance cameras among others.

Access control system can be achieved using a master key system. The system allows you as the business owner to have access to all the sections in the business while limiting access of your employees to only the relevant areas where they work.
Our commercial locksmith can install mechanical or electronic systems in your business. The nest security features are the electronic or the automatic systems. However, for the best watertight system, you can combine some features of the electronic as well as the mechanical systems. This will seal any form of loophole that may be exploited by an opportunistic individual.

Our auto locksmith Boston service provides solutions for all your car’s lock and key issues. This service is available for those who have lost their car keys, got them jammed etc.

Our packages are available in our website where you can get a free quote on all our offers.

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